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cropped-roland-portrait.jpgRoland Kedikian is one of the best bankruptcy attorneys practicing in Van Nuys and serving the San Fernando Valley area. If you are considering bankruptcy as a debt resolution, you have found the bankruptcy attorney whose motto is exceptional, affordable, and approachable service. But beyond that, we also want to make sure bankruptcy is the right option for you. It is natural to have questions. I encourage you to call our office to learn and explore if bankruptcy is the right debt relief for you and your family. Individuals and families living in Van Nuys are subjected to the high cost of living in southern California. As a result, many Van Nuys residents are experiencing difficult financial problems. Bankruptcy can provide you the relief so that you can move on and improve your life and your family’s financial options.

The right bankruptcy attorney for the right task.

As an attorney specializing in bankruptcy only, we provide a very specific bankruptcy debt relief that will ensure you get the full protection afforded to you under the law. We will stop foreclosures, wage garnishments, or repossessions and set you on a course to financial recovery through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We will customize a perfectly legal solution that will eliminate your debt, protect all your assets and stop all creditors from bothering you with collection attempts. Our complete bankruptcy protection service ensures you are protected completely and fully to the full extent allowed under Title 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. Do not guess about your rights, call expert bankruptcy attorney Roland Kedikian and schedule your free consultation today.

Van Nuys bankruptcy attorney for the San Fernando Valley region.

We are local attorneys who specialize in bankruptcy only. While many other attorneys practice in many areas of the law we limit our law practice in bankruptcy exclusively. We serve the entire San Fernando Valley area including Van Nuys and we would be proud to serve your bankruptcy needs. Bankruptcy is a very specialized field in the law and only an attorney that limits their practice in bankruptcy will know all local rules and local trustee requirements to ensure that your bankruptcy will proceed with the utmost care and attention. Call today and schedule a free consultation with me Van Nuys bankruptcy attorney Roland Kedikian.

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