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Accomplished attorney Roland Kedikian specializes in bankruptcy and providing legal assistance to individuals and businesses in El Monte California since 1997. If you need an experienced and competent bankruptcy lawyer, Call (626) 698-3414 and learn from the bankruptcy expert your options and make an informed decision. El Monte bankruptcy attorney Roland Kedikian provides debt solutions to clients in financial difficulties. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, as we all do from time to time, call our local office for a free consultation. El Monte residents can qualify for bankruptcy in the hands of an experienced attorney. Do not guess about your rights, contact us for a free, detailed consultation with a highly qualified bankruptcy lawyer Roland Kedikian. Since we practice exclusively in bankruptcy, we provide the highest level of legal representation at the most competitive cost.

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Bankruptcy Is Affordable to El Monte Residents

Regardless of how difficult your bankruptcy case may be, my goal is to provide you with debt relief in an affordable manner. I know finances are limited for individuals contemplating bankruptcy, but we can provide you with solutions to get rid of debt and begin you on the road to financial independence. It does not matter if you have a hard or easy case, does not matter if your debt is high or low, or if your income is substantial or on limited, we can tailor a bankruptcy solution that is the most affordable and complete for your circumstances. As an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, I have helped El Monte residents discharge their debts since 1997 and I can help you.

El Monte Bankruptcy Attorney offering free Consultation.

El Monte Bankruptcy Attorney Roland Kedikian
Roland Kedikian

We understand the hardship debtors face when considering bankruptcy. That is why we offer free consultations to all of our clients. Our objective in offering free consultation is to educate you about your options. Of course, we would be happy if you retain us as your bankruptcy attorney, but rest assured it will not be a factor in providing you the information you need to make an informed decision. As insolvency specialists, we educate our clients on the ways we can help protect assets and discharge debt. Call today for your free consultation. Come in and learn from the best-rated lawyer in El Monte California.

Specializing in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law Only

El Monte bankruptcy attorney Roland Kedikian is proud to provide prompt and cost-effective debt solutions and legal representation to his clients. Clients are never pressured to retain our law firm. We pride ourselves on providing prompt and cost-effective and affordable service to our clients. We have never lost a case and will only agree to represent you if we can be sure we can deliver results. In certain cases, bankruptcy may not be the right solution for our clients and we will let you know. We only want to take cases we are confident will succeed in getting the bankruptcy discharge.

Local experience in El Monte makes all the difference in bankruptcy success.

We have obtained discharge for many El Monte clients who thought they did not qualify because their debt was too high or their income was too high. It does not matter if you are current on your debt or if you are in default for months or years. We have represented clients many clients through difficult bankruptcy cases including trustee audits and independent auditors. We have obtained discharge for individuals who have been advised by other attorneys that they do not qualify. We only practice in bankruptcy and we are familiar with local rules, local trustee policies, and El Monte bankruptcy procedures.  We can help you be free of debt and get the fresh start you deserve under the law.

We know and understand that as an El Monte resident, it may be difficult for you to have to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy has always been a difficult choice to make. With an experienced El Monte bankruptcy attorney on your side, you can get the legal advice you need to keep your home and stop creditors from garnishing your wages. Call our local office and take your first steps toward financial independence. Begin enjoying your life in El Monte again. We can help and are ready to represent your legal interests.