Declaring Bankruptcy

Declaring Bankruptcy With Attorney Roland Kedikian
Bankruptcy Attorney Roland Kedikian

Declaring bankruptcy can be confusing. It’s natural that you want to find out the requirements, process, and implications of doing so. At our office, we handle bankruptcy cases exclusively. We have been helping individuals and businesses since 1997. I would welcome the opportunity to personally speak with you and explain your options. We will discuss the implications and the best time when to declare bankruptcy. Often individuals or business owners want to know about the process and how easy or difficult it is to declare bankruptcy. While each case is different, here are some general pieces of information to consider.

Bankruptcy is a legal process that eliminates debt and gives you the opportunity to a fresh start. Often clients are apprehensive about declaring bankruptcy and may hesitate because of possible consequences. Do not be deterred.  You have rights under the law. I will protect your rights to the full extent permitted under the law. We know every exemption to get you the best outcome possible.

Declaring Bankruptcy Will Eliminate Most Debts.

Bankruptcy will allow you to eliminate debt legally and begin the process of rebuilding your credit. You can keep your car and your home provided you claim the exemptions. Wage garnishments will stop immediately. You should also stop the monthly deductions of payday loans. If acted upon immediately, we can even recover money already seized through bank levies.

We work hard in making the bankruptcy process easy and stress-free for our clients. Please consider reading our online reviews. We charge a flat fee that is quoted upfront and covers everything that may happen when you declare bankruptcy. You do not need to guess about the where, when, and how. Call our office for a free personal, or phone, consultation. Learn how bankruptcy can help you get a fresh start today at 818 409 8911.